In this publication all the papers from the conference: 'Suburbs - transformation and development' (2013) are published.

The Nordic Urban and Housing Research Network (NSBB) was established in 1997 with the aim of hosting annual Nordic seminars on urban and housing research in the Nordic countries. The host in the 2013 conference was The Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University in cooperation with The Danish Centre of Housing Research. It was helt from September 17th to 19th in Roskilde, Denmark. The theme of the conference was Suburbs - transformation and development.

There are currently numerous ongoing initiatives discussing the future development of suburbs. This happens in the recognition that suburbs represent a significant part of the overall townscape, combined with a new interest in suburban qualities The conference aimed to discuss the ideals and intentions that form the basis of the current suburb development projects; projects which all intend to revitalize and develop the suburban everyday life.

In this publication all the papers from the conference are published. The papers have all been peer-reviewed.