The recent growth of many cities calls for a rethinking of urban and suburban development: How are urban and suburban areas transformed to give room for new citizens and functions? How does housing and urban space shape communities and everyday life? How can current challenges like segregation, climate changes and ageing societies be dealt with when rethinking urban and suburban development?

The conference focusses on boundaries, encounters and connections – between urban and suburban neighbourhoods, between new and old, between different social groups, between public and private, and between different disciplinary approaches to housing, suburbs and cities.

We invite scholars and practitioners within housing and urban design to discuss and reflect on the presence and future of urban and suburban development through keynotes, panels, dialogue sessions and workshops.

The conference will take place

7-8 May 2015 on the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen

The School of Architecture will at the same time be hosting the exhibition Housing & Welfare - Homes|Ensembles|City presenting Copenhagen tomorrow – seen through pending projects from leading Danish architect practices and research institutions. The conference will include 4 dialogue-sessions, where practitioners in dialogue with researchers will present and discuss architectural responses to societal transformations through specific projects.  

The conference calls for papers for a range of workshops. Themes of the papers may include but are not limited to:

  1. Changing communities – friction, segregation, mixed housing  and new networks
  2. Cities and housing for different life phases and different life forms
  3. The urban suburb and suburban city: Omnipresent urban life, blue and green spaces
  4. Polarised housing markets: Affordable housing, gentrification, marginalized areas and citizens
  5. Home, place and identity: Stories, branding, authenticity and appropriation
  6. Transformation and regeneration: involvement, temporary activities and open processes
  7. Energy, climate adaption and sustainability – in cities, buildings and everyday life
  8. Density, densification and consumption of space

Abstracts (max 250 words) should be submitted before 9 March 2015 to housing&welfare@sbi.aau.dk

Deadline for registration is 9 March 2015 on www.housingandwelfare.com/

Programme and further information about conference and exhibition can be found on www.housingandwelfare.com/

We look forward to welcoming you to Copenhagen

The Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University & The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture

(The conference & exhibition is funded by Realdania & Dreyers Foundation)